Improve your spins anytime, anywhere with the only training tool that provides instant visual feedback of your spins with the weight and feel of a real softball.


NOTICE Version 1 of The SpinDr spin trainer is discounted 25% due to paint flaking/peeling issues. If you purchased the SpinDr before 2/21/22, you can request a refund or a free V2 of The SpinDr (available mid-May 2022). Any orders placed after this date will not be eligible for refund or free V2 SpinDr spin trainer.

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The SpinDr

Master your spin to dominate the competition

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RecFirst Pitching Program

New to Pitching? Everything you need to learn to pitch, in 12 lessons

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The Checkup

Mechanics and Spin Feedback, Anytime Anywhere. Signup. Upload Your Video. Receive personalized video feedback in 48 hours.

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The SpinDr
The SpinDr
The SpinDr
The SpinDr

The SpinDr

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The SpinDr, patent-pending, gives pitchers of all ages immediate visual feedback of their spins with a tool engineered to feel, weigh, and spin exactly like a full softball. 

Don't be good, be GREAT. Purchase the SpinDr and take your pitching to the next level because when you control your spin, you control the game.

Future All-American Pitching Program
Future All-American Pitching Program
Future All-American Pitching Program
Future All-American Pitching Program

Future All-American Pitching Program


The Future All-American Pitching Program gives beginner pitchers everything they need to learn the fundamentals of pitching.

In this 12-lesson program, pitchers will learn:

  • How to pitch with proper mechanics
  • How to throw more strikes, more consistently
  • How to pitch with more velocity

Program Contents:

  • 12 lessons that build, sequentially, on the mechanics taught in the previous lesson and practiced at home. 
  • The mechanics/motion of softball pitching is broken down step by step to allow you to focus on each part of the pitch. It may seem slow at times but remember that you are trying to build a rock-solid foundation. Your foundation is the key to your future success. What matters most is to find a routine that works for you. Once you figure that out, stick to it. Consistency is crucial to becoming the pitcher you were born to be.
  • Once you are finished with the program, and if you have practiced the drills provided, you will be ready to pitch and compete at the 8u, 10u, or 12u level. 
The Checkup Virtual Coaching Solution
The Checkup Virtual Coaching Solution

The Checkup Virtual Coaching Solution


Use our SpinDr coaches as a pitching coach or as another set of eyes alongside your existing pitching coach. 

Personalized feedback on: 

  • Or BOTH!

How it works:

  1. Shoot your video with your phone or camera;
  2. Download the GroupMe app and setup/login to an account;
  3. Check post-purchase email for "The Checkup SpinDr" invite link. 
  4. Click link and join group.
  5. Send your video to your SpinDr coach by clicking on the + sign in the lower right-hand corner of the app;
  6. Within 48 hours, receive customized video feedback via text or email of your spin/mechanics with accompanying proven drills/tips. 

Access to the top pitching coaches in the world has never been easier or more affordable. 


What people are saying about us

A Game Changer

Elaine M, 12u Mom

Using this ball has been a game changer for us. My daughter first used it when learning to throw her rise ball. Learning a new spin with this ball only took three lessons. Without it, it may have taken us a month or more to master… She can use this ball inside when it rains, and we have used it in a hotel room to practice spins before a tournament.

The SpinDr Did Wonders

Jillian H, D1 Pitcher

This ball did wonders for my spins! I was able to clearly see the rotation of my spins with the flat surface, and it was nice to have the feeling that I was gripping a regular sized softball. I highly recommend it!

Recommend to Anyone

Randy M, 10u Dad

I would recommend the Spin Dr ball for anyone wanting to work on their spin. It provides instant feedback so you can make the adjustments to your pitches.  I saw a big improvement after my daughter worked with Spin Dr.

SpinDr in the NCAA

SpinDr in the NCAA
SpinDr in the NCAA
SpinDr in the NCAA
SpinDr in the NCAA
SpinDr in the NCAA
SpinDr in the NCAA

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Jamie Southern-Founder

Jamie Southern was a 4-time D1 1st Team All-American pitcher, USA Softball National Team member, 1st round selection in the NPF draft, high school and collegiate softball coach, and is a recognized expert for private softball pitching instruction. She understands what it takes to achieve pitching success at the highest levels of collegiate and professional softball and knows how to unlock a pitcher's full potential with proper spin mechanics.