5 reasons pitchers are choosing the spindr spin trainer

The only softball spin trainer that feels and spins like a real ball that was designed to help you perfect your spin and dominate in the circle.


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1. Great Spin Gets Strikeouts

The SpinDr spin trainer looks and feels like a real softball and gives you immediate visual feedback, telling you exactly what you need to work on to perfect your pitch.

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2. Practice Your Spin, Anytime, Anywhere

In your backyard, at practice, or in between games at a tournament, the SpinDr spin trainer is the perfect on-the-go spin trainer to take with you wherever you go!

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3. The Right Weight for Every Age

There are two options for the SpinDr, depending on where you’re at in your pitching journey. The 7oz is the weight of a softball and perfect for pitchers 10u and younger learning how to spin. The 10oz has added weight to help you train. It's best used to strengthen the fingers, wrist, and forearm to improve your spins.

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4. Thousands of Pitchers Improving Their Spin

From young girls just starting off to collegiate athletes at the height of their game, thousands of pitchers are using the SpinDr to take their pitching game to the next level. Buy yours today.

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5. Made by Team USA Pitcher Jamie Southern

This tool was developed by Jamie Southern, Team USA Pitcher, 4-time D1 1st Team All-American pitcher, USA Softball National Team member, and 1st round selection in the NPF draft. Her credentials say it all.

The Spin Trainer for all ages and pitching levels. Start training today.

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