Unlock the Perfect Curveball with SpinDr Softball

Mastering the art of throwing a curveball is like mastering a hidden treasure of softball pitching. It's a pitch that demands impeccable timing and precision in your mechanics.

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Top Four Tips for Perfecting Your Curveball:

1. Elbow Tucked In

During the backside of your arm circle, tuck your elbow into the side of your stomach. This ensures your hand can get under the ball at release for ideal spin and minimizes unnecessary shoulder involvement.

3. Picture the Pole

Envision a pole planted in front of your back hip. As you snap the ball, ensure your hand revolves around that pole rather than merely knocking it down.

2. Finish With Precision

Forget the old adage "hip to hip." Some of the best curveball pitchers finish lower, toward the top of their thigh. Find your own sweet spot for a powerful finish.

4. Glove Arm's Elbow Power

Pull down with your glove arm's elbow. Allowing your glove hand to pull your front shoulder open will impact your pitch's break. Keep it controlled for precision.

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The Spin Trainer for all ages and pitching levels. Start training today.

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The Right Curveball Grip with the SpinDr:

When using the SpinDr spin trainer for the curveball, follow these steps:

● Place your middle or index finger on the left side of the seam (right-handed pitchers) or the right side of the seam (left-handed pitchers).

● Ensure the top of your fingertips align with or are close to the color of the stripe on the ball's side.

● Test your grip by holding the ball down at your side as you would during a pitch. The flat side of the ball should face skyward.

● Correcting your grip is fundamental because many pitchers falter here.

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Perfecting Your Spin:

Imagine spinning pizza dough into the air. Begin by holding the ball with the correct grip in front of your chest, ensuring the flat side faces the sky. As you work on maintaining the flat side, gradually move your hand and ball closer to the correct release point.


Curveball Missing Inside?

You may be letting the ball slide out of your hand. Focus on spinning the ball with strong fingers around the imaginary pole.

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Curveball Drifting Outside?

If you haven't mastered the correct spin yet, practice from 3-5 feet away from a catcher. Gradually increase the distance to 25-30 feet, using a controlled motion at 50%. Prioritize arm, hand, and finger technique over leg power.

Now you're armed with the tools to unlock your perfect curveball. Practice, refine, and conquer the game with SpinDr Softball.