Unlock the Perfect Peel Drop with SpinDr Softball

It's a pitch that gives batters nightmares due to its unpredictable movement that counters their swing plane. Every pitcher dreams of turning solid line-drive hits into ground balls.

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Here's How to Master the Peel Drop Grip

When teaching young softball pitchers the art of the drop ball, there are two key methods: the turnover drop and the peel drop.

The peel drop is the ideal starting point for learning the drop ball and is the third pitch I introduce to young pitchers, following the fastball and change-up. It's easy to grasp, and many of my 10u pitchers have successfully incorporated it into their game.

1. Think of it as a "really good fastball" because, in essence, that's what it is. Both the fastball and peel drop share the same 12-to-6 4-seam spin.

2. Hold the grip just like a 4-seam fastball, with your fingers touching or atop the "C" in the seams.

3. Pay attention to thumb placement; it significantly influences the pitch's movement. Align it with your middle finger to perfect the spin and ensure the ball sits more in your fingers than your palm. Remember that hand sizes vary, so keep adjusting your thumb and grip as you become more comfortable.

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Now Let's Practice Your Peel Drop with The SpinDr Spin Trainer:

When using the SpinDr spin trainer to practice your peel drop, follow these steps:

1. Place your thumb and index fingers on the blue or yellow line/side of the ball, using a 4-seam grip.

2. Begin with spins from 3-5 feet away from your catcher.

3. Let your thumb release from the ball, allowing it to descend to your fingers.

4. Maintain your hand on top of the ball, with your thumb pointing downward. Spin or push the ball toward your catcher when it reaches your fingertips.

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Pro Tips:

◾ Don't rush; avoid getting your hand behind the ball too soon.

◾ You'll know you're nailing the peel drop spin when you see it spinning downward with the same velocity as your fastball.

Fastball vs. Peel Drop Comparison


Fastball: Hand/palm is behind the ball at release.

Peel Drop: Hand/palm is on top of the ball at release.

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Fastball: Thumb points toward the catcher at release.

Peel Drop: Thumb points toward the ground at release.

Spin Focus:

Fastball: Feels like your whole hand is spinning/snapping the ball.

Peel Drop: Feels like the ball is about to fall out of your hand as you spin/snap it.

Master the peel drop and add a devastating weapon to your pitching repertoire!