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Most Young Pitchers Struggle With Spin...

Nine times out of ten, it's not speed or placement that keeps aspiring pitchers from reaching their potential. It's spin.

When you control your spin, you control the game. You get more strikeouts, more playing time, and more wins.

That's why we created the SpinDr. To give you a tool that you can use anywhere, provides immediate visual feedback, and allows pitchers to master their spin and maximize their potential as a pitcher.

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Feels like a real ball

With one flat side and one designed to full-size dimensions, you can actually get the feel of a full-sized softball as you train.

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Immediate visual feedback

The flat side of the trainer will immediately give you feedback on what you need to improve to master your pitches.

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Two sizes for variation

The 7oz is the weight of a softball while the 10oz is weighted to build additional strength in the fingers, wrist, and hands.

The SpinDr
The SpinDr
The SpinDr
The SpinDr
The SpinDr
The SpinDr
The SpinDr
The SpinDr
The SpinDr

The SpinDr

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The SpinDr gives pitchers of all ages immediate visual feedback of their spins with a training tool engineered to feel and spin exactly like a full softball.

The 7oz and 10oz SpinDr are for all ages 12u+ and are used for different purposes.

10oz: The 10oz has added weight to help you train. It's best used to strengthen the fingers, wrist, and forearm to improve your spins (advanced).

7oz: The 7oz is the weight of a softball and perfect for pitchers 10u and younger learning how to spin (beginner). Save $5 now when you pre-order!

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Meet Jamie Southern

Jamie Southern was a 4-time D1 1st Team All-American pitcher, USA Softball National Team member, 1st round selection in the NPF draft, high school and collegiate softball coach, and is a recognized expert for private softball pitching instruction. She understands what it takes to achieve pitching success at the highest levels of collegiate and professional softball and knows how to unlock a pitcher's full potential with proper spin mechanics.

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Real Pitchers.
Real Performance.

Shawn W.

✅ Verified Customer

Got both of these for my daughter last year. It just so happened that the owners were going to be in my home state that weekend for a clinic. They hand delivered the spin Drs to my daughter and I going way above and beyond all expectations. This is a fantastic product developed by an elite pitcher who just so happens to be an amazing human being as well! My daughter’s pitching is light years ahead of her peers. 100% recommend this product and this Company.

Erin C.

✅ Verified Customer

We love it! This is really helping her visualize each pitch and allows her to focus on feeling that release with her fingers. Great tool for warm ups. She is using it to practice her fastball & back hand change as a first year pitcher.

Coach S.

✅ Verified Customer

This is one of the best tools I have ever used to teach the proper spin. It demonstrates the proper movement along side the proper weight and feel of a ball.

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