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How to Use

Find out how to use your SpinDr and what pitches you want to perfect!

Find Your Pitch

Watch the videos below to learn all the different pitches with your SpinDr!


Go through the 4 drills below to work on your spins and your pitches!


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We believe that The SpinDr is a truly unique tool for helping pitchers to assess and correct the spins of their breaking pitches. However, it's not much good if you don't know how to use it.

The SpinDr is a spin trainer that is best used as a stand-alone practice tool or as a warmup for your pitching workouts. Begin by determining which pitch(es) you want to focus on and select that pitch from the videos below.

Drop element here!



Peel Drop

Flip Change




Turnover Drop


1. Spins To Self

Start with the ball in your throwing hand, wrist and elbow locked. Without bending your elbow, roll the ball down your fingers to create spin. 

2. Spins To Partner

Stand 3'-5' from your target. Start with the ball in your throwing hand, wrist and elbow locked. Without bending your elbow, roll the ball down your fingers to create spin. 

3. K-Position Spins

Stand 5'-10' from your target. Begin in the "K" position with The SpinDr above your ear, arm straight. Glove hand will be extended, pointing towards the net or the catcher. Bring The SpinDr down to the release point of your motion and pitch like you would normally. You can perform self-spins, spins to a partner, spins into a net, or spins against a wall. 

4. Controlled Motion Spins

Stand 10'-20' from your target. Begin in your normal pitching setup. Pitch the SpinDr like you would a normal ball. Focus on keeping proper spin axis and spin rotation. 

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